The Third Sun

The History of the Suns

’In the beginning, there was only the sun and the moon. Two lovers destined never to meet. The land was lush and green and waters ran clear; wildlife and plant life flourished across plains and oceans and skies. Nature was in harmony. That is, at least, what I was told. I was still young then, as were my peers. Everyone was young then. Death was held at bay, with no end in sight for the peace times we shared.
That was until, without warning, the sun and moon finally did meet. It was a sight to see, that meeting; and for some, it was the last thing they saw. They say that the moon burst into flame, and their daughter was born that day.

This is the age of 3 suns. They say that our world is coming to an end, and they work very hard to make sure that we are prepared for this end. Technology is abundant, making up for our now lack of natural resources. Mother Nature is in turmoil. Animal life that survives in the Daylight is weak, poison running through their veins. Crops wither and die, so we now grow underground to keep our stores stocked. Death is our best friend.

Let me tell you a bit about the Suns. Thyrin the Grand, the first Sun, is by far the most dangerous. Every living thing in his sight is in danger. He burned the fields and flayed the creatures and his light is an evertorch. Night no longer exists. Gella the Scorched, the second Sun, was what the elders knew as the Moon. They are Thyrin’s lover. Gella is responsible for the constant wind storms, solar flares and ashfalls. Some of the elders feel that the second Sun will soon extinguish and when that happens, Thyrin will destroy the world as we know it.

But then there is the third Sun. The Daughter, Merid. She is the smallest sun, barely larger than a star in the twilight sky. They say that when she was born, parts of her celestial body fell to our world, creating direct links to Time itself. Many down below worship her as the Lifebringer.

Those who leave their homes to the world above do not often live to tell the tail. The world above is harsh, destruction at every corner. Yet, technology below continues to try and medic this issue. Cybernetics have advanced, giving sight to those who lost it in the Creation and mending limbs destroyed by the Suns’ cruel gaze.

Though, this advancement does not come without a price. Those that do come back from the world above come back changed. The Suns not only destroyed flesh and muscle; they destroyed sanity. The majiks that came from the outside world were vicious and violent, chaotic. Chaotic like the Suns. Those who came back from the outside came back with these majiks. Many believed that they were “gifts” for surviving Thyrin and Gella’s gaze, and many of these people were put into positions of power… but they were unstable. Royalty died off quickly. Death was our best friend, always visiting unannounced.

The only hope that scholars have left are Merid’s Pieces, those comets that fell to Desmoax, our world. Scientists and researchers say that these Pieces are connected directly to the time before Creation, and if they can be brought together, Merid can unravel Time itself and bring back the lost peace.

But of course, these are all just myths and wives tales. The world below is safe, and technology is growing, constantly changing. Someday, maybe, we will find a way to survive again, out among the Suns’ Daylight.

It is said that Gella’s light is fading. Twilight grows more red, and Thyrin’s rage grows brighter. We need a miracle to save Desmoax from its destruction. If only the myths were true.’

— Excerpt from “First Generation Living”, Charlii Greenbell


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